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Shore Staff

The departments

A shipmanagement company like GAZOCEAN relies on the expertise of qualified shore-based staff to meet the needs of our customers, as well as onboard ship personnel.

The activity is therefore managed at the head office by the following departments.

Operational management

    • Technical department responsible for ensuring, optimising and managing all activities relating to technical issues, supplies and subcontractors for the ships.
    • Purchase and logistics department in charge of orders and logistics throughout the world, as well as deliveries for the entire fleet for parts and services requested by the vessels, while respecting the quality of materials, prices and ethical rules.
    • Manning department is responsible for fitting out the vessels with competent and qualified personnel. It is also in charge of the social management of these personnel, including recruitment, training, career management, pay and the administrative needs of seafarers. All these tasks are carried out in compliance with current national and international regulations.

    • Marine / QSSE department in compliance with national and international regulations, this department is responsible for setting up and carrying out all actions contributing to the implementation of the quality, safety, security and environment programme in order to meet the requirements of the Company’s policy. It is also responsible for coordinating all the Company’s nautical activities.

Support functions

    • Accounting and Finance department in charge of managing all the company’s financial and accounting operations.
    • IT/Facility department, responsible for managing and ensuring the smooth running of IT equipment at head office and on the ships, and for monitoring cyber security. It also manages the smooth running and needs of the head office.
    • The Human Resources department is in charge of managing the social aspects of shore staff (recruitment, training, career management, pay, social dialogue, etc.).

The Business Development Consulting and Training department offers its customers consultancy, technical assistance and training services.

Job Opportunities


Reporting directly and functionally to the Operational Manager, and also to the Human Resources Director, you will be responsible for managing part of the human resources of seafarers and, in some cases, all staff.

As an HR Generalist, you will be able to make proposals, be organised and rigorous. You have a sound knowledge of French and international employment law. You have an understanding of the Company’s HR issues.

You will be working in an international environment with many different requirements depending on the population being managed.

Your main tasks will be :

  • – For seafarers:
    – Preparing the recruitment plan and managing the recruitment of officers, cadets and trainees;- Preparing and monitoring the training plan;
    – Monitoring the career management of officers;
    – Preparing and monitoring the seagoing HR budget;
    – Preparing and monitoring reports (social, customer, etc.);

    – Monitoring and updating procedures;
    – Selecting, monitoring and auditing manning agencies;
    – Monitoring European and international social regulations
    – Monitoring social insurance cover for French and foreign sailors
    – Preparation and monitoring of staff secondments

  •  For all employees:

         – Help in organising and, depending on the subject, attending CSE meetings in two entities;
          – Assistance in preparing NAO meetings;
          -Monitoring regulations (French labour law, international maritime labour law, etc.);
          – Monitoring indicators and updating the BDESE;
          -Representing the HR or Manning department in dealings with authorities and schools (RIF, ENSM, etc.);
         – Preparing and monitoring internal and external audits;
         – Internal HR communication

Bac +4 / 5 in Human Resources.

At least 5 years’ experience in Human Resources

Knowledge of European and international social regulations

This position requires some travel.

Written and spoken English